Aligned Values.Shared Goals.

Helping Physicians & Entrepreneurs Build Life-Changing Practices

We Believe in Positive Partnerships

We view every client relationship as a partnership. Even more fundamentally, we believe that successful partnerships are built on aligned values and shared purposes.

For this reason, we only partner with practices whose work ethic, moral values, standard of service, and commitment to excellence mirror our own. We don’t view business as a zero-sum game but rather an opportunity to create win-win-win scenarios in which, you, your employees, our employees, and your patients all come out ahead.

Executive Team

Adam Daniells CEO

Zach Schrock COO

Max Baybak CSO

Bowie Dinkel CTO

JP Faulkner
VP Operations

Joey Block
VP Digital Marketing

Erica Crawford

Jeff Ulik
Dir Business Dev

Here are at Influx we have one core value that we believe distinguishes us most. It can be summed up in just two words — “No shortcuts.”

We are passionate about helping medical entrepreneurs build practices that change the lives of their patients and thereby have a positive impact on the world. By working backward from this goal, we ensure our incentives are 100% aligned with yours. We only win, when you win, and in today’s complex digital landscape, the only way to get ahead is to put in the work. Day in and day out, that’s precisely what we do.

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