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Effective marketing cannot exist without intelligent analytics.

Any true marketer knows that built-in feedback loops and standard review processes are required to make smart choices and properly navigate a growth strategy. We provide clear cut reporting on your marketing for both your benefit as well as our own. This essential data helps us determine where to tweak our efforts and where to double down.

Our clients see an average of:

3X increase in site speed
500+ increase in keyword rankings
200% more organic website traffic
250% increase in new patient leads
3X increase in site speed
500+ increase in keyword rankings
200% more organic website traffic
250% increase in new patient leads

Dr. Grant Stevens, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Adam Kolker, New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chopra & Dr. Ordon, Beverly Hills

Dr. Melanie Malone, San Diego

“Influx knows aesthetic medical marketing like no one else I’ve seen. They are one part tech start up, one part design specialists and all parts marketing geniuses. Run, don’t walk, to hire them.”

“Amazing service, beautiful design, and incredible marketing; I see more new patients than I could imagine as a result of their creativity and market savvy. These guys are my secret weapon.”

“After working with many different marketing companies, we still found ourselves wanting a fresh creative edge that evolved faster and kept us ahead of the game. Influx was the missing link.”

“The Influx team is incredibly talented, creative, responsive and professional. They truly heard me and were able to take my ideas and develop a product that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Influx!”

Visual Data at Your Fingertips

We compile the key metrics you need into, easy-to-understand, useful reports that can be translated into action.

We know you have your hands full managing your practice and caring for your patients. At the same time, we know you need to have key marketing results available when you need them.

Real-Time Access

As an Influx client, you’ll have access to a customized marketing dashboard that you can log into at any time to monitor your marketing progress in real time. We believe that useful data is organized data. With a thoughtfully structured data hierarchy, you can quickly view top-level indicators and dive deep where more insight is needed.

Reports or it Didn’t Happen

We believe that accurate reporting is one of the most valuable services a marketing agency can provide. That’s why analytics, tracking, and attribution are cornerstones of our digital campaigns. Without distilled metrics at your fingertips, you’re either driving in the dark or wasting time tangled up in disconnected numbers. You need to know what’s working and what isn’t so you can scale where you’re seeing returns and pivot where you aren’t. We provide transparent, robust reports and analysis, so you always have crystal clear insight into your marketing efforts.

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