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In competitive medical specialties, it’s often necessary to augment your SEO efforts with well-managed digital ad campaigns.

When executed correctly, digital advertising makes it possible to target patients interested in specific high-value procedures. It also enables you to tap into select audiences not otherwise accessible. The key to converting these audiences into patients is ensuring your ad campaigns are carefully crafted and skillfully managed. As experts in digital advertising for medical practices, we know the ins and outs of today’s online ad platforms. We know how to leverage them to bring about stellar returns for your practice.

Our clients see an average of:

5:1 return on adspend
250% increase in new patient leads
2X increase in qualified patients
5:1 return on adspend
250% increase in new patient leads
2X increase in qualified patients

Dr. Grant Stevens, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Adam Kolker, New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Chopra & Dr. Ordon, Beverly Hills

Dr. Melanie Malone, San Diego

“Influx knows aesthetic medical marketing like no one else I’ve seen. They are one part tech start up, one part design specialists and all parts marketing geniuses. Run, don’t walk, to hire them.”

“Amazing service, beautiful design, and incredible marketing; I see more new patients than I could imagine as a result of their creativity and market savvy. These guys are my secret weapon.”

“After working with many different marketing companies, we still found ourselves wanting a fresh creative edge that evolved faster and kept us ahead of the game. Influx was the missing link.”

“The Influx team is incredibly talented, creative, responsive and professional. They truly heard me and were able to take my ideas and develop a product that far exceeded my expectations. Thank you Influx!”

Google Search Ads

Google search ads (also referred to as Google Pay-Per-Click ads or Google AdWords) are among the most effective when it comes to targeting high-value patients who are ready to book.

Accordingly, it can also be more expensive than other methods of digital advertising. These ads work on an auction bidding system. This means that every time someone searches a specific term, many medical practices in your area may be bidding to have their ad shown. Naturally, this can drive the cost way up. While the winning bidders are only charged if their ad is clicked, it doesn’t take long to have your budget clicked away. Outperforming in this arena requires an in-depth understanding of key pitfalls and meticulous ongoing management. At Influx, Google PPC management for medical practices is one of our core specialties.

Better Keyword Strategies. Better Patients.

We understand how the layperson thinks about specialized medical procedures and how they move down the pipeline from awareness to research and interest, and then physician discovery and selection. Understanding the semantics and psychology of how consumers search for your specialized medical services enables us to target the right person at the exact right moment. This means fewer wasted clicks and more of the patients and procedures you want.

Making Facebook Ads Work For Your Practice

Facebook ads refer to the ads that show up on both Facebook and Instagram, as both ad types are purchased and managed through one centralized system. Making these ads work for medical practices in localized markets requires a high-level of experience and a knowledge of what types of ad content and audience targeting strategies work. It also requires familiarity with Facebook’s advertising policies for healthcare entities. Seemingly minute factors can make the difference between your campaign producing viable patient leads or not showing up at all. With the right tactics, Facebook and Instagram ads can do much more than generate awareness for your practice. They can yield a volume of cost-effective leads.

Digital Ad Campaign Reporting

You should never have to wonder how your digital ads are performing or try to decipher complex analytics reports to get a sense of whether you’re getting a positive return. We provide each of our advertising clients with transparent and easy-to-understand reports. We understand that you’re busy managing your practice and caring for your patients. At the same time, you need to have the key metrics at your fingertips when you need them. With elegant, visual reports and a real-time dashboard customized to you, we make it easy for you to review distilled results or dive into more robust analytics at any time.

Digital Advertising for Virtually Every Medical Specialty

We are experts in digital ad management for plastic surgeons, medspas, and virtually every other medical specialty that exists including:

  • Plastic Surgery
  • Medical Spas
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Hair Restoration
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopaedic
  • Weight Loss/Bariatrics
  • Sleep Medicine
  • Chiropractic

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