Meet the Influx Team

Great People Doing Great Work

In a world where the bulk of business is done digitally, there is no shortage of tools, platforms, and algorithms offering to help you build a dominant online presence. With all these tools available to anyone, the tiebreaker is inevitably the people putting in the work.

The modern-day digital marketer's job may look relatively automatic but, with so many touchpoints and channels to tend to, it requires detail-oriented work and a passion for doing things right. We've long since left the era of agencies built on SEO tricks and advertising gimmicks. In our view, there are no shortcuts and no true secrets. The work just has to be done and done well. That's why we believe in teaming up with great people who take great pride in their work… one could even say it's the secret to our success.

Adam Daniells
Chief Executive Officer

Zach Schrock
Chief Design Officer

Max Baybak
Chief Strategy Officer

Bowie Dinkel
Chief Technology Officer

Sean Tanner
Chief Operating Officer

Erica Crawford
Chief Revenue Officer

Roxanne Tanner
Chief Accounts Officer

Joseph Block
VP Digital Services

JP Faulkner
VP Web Production

Brandi Baybak
VP Finance

Jonathan Shorter
VP Media Production

Olivia Weibert
Account Executive

Alen Racedo
Account Executive

Fiona Arjes
Account Executive

David Baumgarten
Director of Search Marketing

Daebrion Hopwood
Director of Web Development

Gene Alder
Director of Ad Strategy

Antonio Robinson
Director of Paid Media

Paola Rodriguez
Director of Account Services

Jaden Quigley
Director of Social Media

James Quigley
Director of Content

Patrick Stepanian
Lead Web Developer

Rogelio Hidalgo
Web Developer

Edgar Villatoro Sorto
Web Developer

Gerard Vartanian
Search Marketing Manager

Olivia True
Social Media Manager

Elia Sims
Graphic Designer

Sam McArdle
Account Services Engineer

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